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Advertising Basics

You spend a lot of time building your business. You work very hard to build a future. People who have never owned or operated a business can't truly appreciate how hard you've worked and the hours you've invested.

After all of that hard work to make your business a pleasing place for the consumer... after all of the time you've spent offering the best service you can to your customers... you find it's time to promote your business, your product, and your service.

We would like to help you promote your business better. We hope that some of the suggestions in this brochure will make your advertising more successful.

Your business is unique just as you are unique. No one else operates a business exactly the way you do. There are things that you offer that others don't. What other companies do, you can do better.

Advertising that Fits Your Business


Choosing a media is often very difficult because it usually involves experimentation. Even businesses in the same industry will find that a different mix of advertising media works better for them than the mix that their competitors use.


Measuring the effectiveness of an advertisement is very difficult. Even detailed ad surveys give only a partial view as to your ad impact. The best way to choose a media is by comparing the numbers. Using reliable figures of a publication's print run, comparing equally sized ads, and comparing equal frequency discounts you can compare two publications fairly.

Advertising Successfully


We are all bombarded by advertising messages every day. The radio awakens us with an ad. The morning newspaper is full of ads. Advertisements on billboards line the street as we drive to work. Delivery vehicles promote their business with the sign on the side. Each business has a sign along the road. Your mail contains many ads.


How do we deal with so many ad messages? The mind efficiently screens out or disregards the messages that you aren't interested in. You are also made aware of the products and services that you are in the market to buy. If people are not interested in an item, an ad won't make them buy it. Often, a poor response to an advertisement is due to the fact that there is no demand for the service or product.


Since we all have a limited number of advertising dollars, it is important to make the best use of each and every dollar spent. Selecting the right media is very important.

Use the most space that you can afford to use.


The effectiveness of an ad depends on the size of the ad. It is very simple. The larger the ad, the better the chance you have of people reading it. Many advertisers find that the effectiveness of a larger ad is well worth the extra money spent.

How can we help you?


At the Bulletin, we service hundreds of privately owned businesses and locally owned corporations. These people watch every dollar that they spend and we try to give them our best efforts. We are grateful that they trust us with their advertising messages.

Set Yourself Apart from the Competition


Your business is unique just as you are unique. No one else operates a business exactly the way you do. There are things that you offer that others don't. What other companies do, you can do better.


All of these things are important when you do your advertising. How successful your advertising is depends of how well you communicate the advantages or benefits to becoming a customer of your business.

What does your business offer that your competitors do not?

  • Unique Product Line

  • Convenient Location

  • Large Selection

  • Personal Service

  • Repair Service

  • Warranties

  • Financing

  • Discounts

  • Fast Service

  • Free Delivery

  • Seasonal Events


Why should the consumer buy from your business?


People buy from businesses that offer competitive prices on a selection of products or services. People may pay more for a product or service if the business offers a value that is worth more.

Often, repeat sales depend on the way the customer is treated when a transaction is made.

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