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Our Patrons Make Us Who We Are


Written by Karen Hutchison - Editor

Over the past years, we have heard many heartwarming stories how the Bulletin has helped someone. We so appreciate the notes of appreciation and encouragement from our readers and advertisers. (Yes, I keep them all!) The small business that grew because of advertising. The person who found "just what I was looking for." The one who was going to throw something away and was happy to get a few dollars for it. The enterprising paraplegic who was able to make some of his own money by buying and selling ... from his wheelchair! The young woman who found help and avoided an abortion. "That's what it's all about, Folks," as James Dobson would say. Yes, this is a business. But if the Bulletin has helped someone, in some way; if we have somehow managed to do God's work through this paper, THAT makes all the late hours, hard work, and constant deadlines worthwhile.

Frank and I have had much help, support, and downright undying devotion from so many. Namely, our family and friends. Then, there's our staff. We work with a terrific bunch of dedicated people. Over the years, we have been so very fortunate to have had really great people working with us. We are blessed with people who really care. I believe it shows in the finished product. No, we're not perfect and we don't always please everyone. But, we try. We REALLY try!

Our business advertisers? What a great group! They are the ones who really make it all possible. From the 24 advertisers on that very first week to the more than 100 in the Bulletin this week, we are most grateful to every one of them. Our goal is to help each one to be successful. A hearty round of applause to you all.

Our readers. Ah, what can we say about this loyal group? The man who asked for two Bulletins, one for his wife and one for himself. His comment? "We don't share." Or the County Commissioner (many years ago) who told us the Bulletin makes "great john reading." The woman whose phone number was put on an ad in error. She took messages and tracked down the correct number! And, we've seen some of you grabbing a handful (or more) to take to work for your coworkers. How kind and thoughtful. We have done our best for 47 years. And we'll continue to do our best ... for you, and for God!

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