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The Early Days


Written by Karen Hutchison - Editor

Frank and I knew absolutely nothing about running a business, advertising, ad layout, or how to operate a mimeograph machine. But we learned. Oh, how we learned! We learned not only to operate the machine, but repair, coddle, and sometimes pray over it. Our three children Frank Jr. age 14, Ed age 12, and Joye age 9, went to sleep every Wednesday night to the clickety-clack of two mimeograph machines. (Ah, yes. We were growing. Now we had TWO machines!) Then on Thursday, a dozen or so neighborhood kids, nieces and nephews, and our three filled our home collating and stapling Bulletins.

For the first months, Frank was working a full-time job during the day, doing layout and printing at night, and selling in his "spare time!" Meanwhile, I typed, learned to transcribe, and handled the bookwork. One of the toughest decisions we ever made was when he left the security of his day job and began to work full time with the Bulletin.

By December, our circulation was well over 8,000 and increasing weekly to meet the demand. We had to face the facts. This "little paper on the side" was quickly taking over our lives. The work load was constantly increasing. So Frank made another big decision to have the Bulletin printed elsewhere on an offset press. We continued to do all our own layout, as we do today.


God was good and smiled upon our venture. The timing was right. No, not "right," the timing was PERFECT as God's timing always is. And the Bulletin was self-supporting in record time. With three growing children, that was crucial. And now we're looking at our 47th anniversary. WOW! The American Dream? For us it is. A blessing from God? Definitely!

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