Year 0033

This week's book is from an international author! J.M. Evans is from England and writes a variety of books labeled for "Children/Teens". I would say that her newest book "Year 0033" is enjoyable for Clean Fiction loving adults as well. The Book Blurb for "Year 0033" can be found below.

Chella has lived the whole of her life in Area IF208, one of many Areas set up by a new World Council after war, famine and plague cause global devastation.

Religion is banned, supposedly for the sake of world peace, so Chella has to keep her Christian faith a secret.

But when her best friend disappears, her fiancé is arrested, and astonishing rumours of people living Outside surface, a new chapter in her life begins.

Chella is an unlikely heroine, battling a troubled past, a dangerous present and an uncertain future.

“Shine your light into our darkness, Lord, and by your grace protect and deliver us from all evil this night; in the name of your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ, we pray.”

Never has Chella needed to pray this prayer as much as she needs to pray it now.

She has no idea how much is at stake.

Though I would put "Year 0033" in a slower more contemplative category than many books that I have been reading recently, it takes this category to the very best it could be. This book is similar to "The Giver" if "The Giver" had been written by a Christian with a passionate love of God.


This book has a mere sprinkling of Sci-Fi/Dystopian flavor. The characters fear and danger is very real, but in some ways I lost the "otherness" of the world she created that is usually found in these genres. Why is that you may ask? Because I could see something similar to the events in her world happening in our current future. I would say that this is a very timely book for Christians to read.


There is adventure and danger woven into the tapestry of the story J.M. Evans tells, but it is spread widely across the feelings and thoughts of the main female character. This book is completely written from one character's point of view, though that view jumps forward and backward within that character's timeline. This lends to the mystery of this character's journey.


In some ways the romance in this story is sweet and in other ways it is broken. Broken in the respect that there a desperate secret the main female character is trying to hide. Some may find parts of the romantic theme disturbing, but the author presents the truth with a delicate sensitivity that makes it easier to read.


"Year 0033" is a deep look into the persecuted church. The banning of religion has led this future version of the church underground. The author shows all the joy of belief along with all the hardship that goes along with hiding your faith. I could not help thinking of both the early church as well as my brothers and sisters in Christ that are suffering in other countries.


This book is a very successful look into the hardship and passion that following God in difficult and dangerous circumstances can bring. The faith journey that the main character, Chella, goes on is powerful in emotion and love for the Lord. Pushing me to pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters, this book is a real look into what our future world could possibly be. Though the book may be quiet, it speaks firmly to the importance of faith in God and commitment to each other within the church, both persecuted and free.

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J.M. Evans

Year 0033

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