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I hope that all of you had a nice week! The newsletter is growing in readership and I am happy to be able to reach out to all of you. Today, I wanted to share a little bit about my reading process and how I plan to populate "Clean Fiction" with a wide variety of clean reads. At this point with all of my other commitments, I can only read around one book a week, so consequently I review one book a week (as I did before, but now you have to wait to read them...tee hee hee). After writing a review, I contact the author and see if they are on board. Then move forward from there. Something I found that was interesting is that according to copyright law I don't have to contact the author at all. But of course, because my goal is to build a community that connects clean authors to readers who prefer clean reads, I contact them and try to make a connection.

Lately, I have been branching out from my usual genres to read books that I may not particularly love, but will still be great books for readers who prefer those genres. This week's read was an example of that. I did not enjoy the book and when I got to the end my inclination was to give it a three star rating (I don't do any lower than that unless there is a REAL problem). But after pondering and ruminating on it for a bit, I changed my mind. You see, I read to ESCAPE real life and this book challenged that by portraying the ugliness of REAL LIFE. The author was not wrong. In his approach. In his delivery. In his ending. It was uncomfortable for me to read, not because it was not a clean read, but because it was not an ESCAPE. When I finished the book, I was sure that I would not include it in the magazine. But after a shower, some prayer, and thought, I decided it should be included. Why? Because it is not about me. True, I have to read the books, but I am more searching for books that are clean and give a little truth than books that are going to be in my personal top ten. That brings me to our Community Activity this week.

Our Community Activity for this week is:


Clean Fiction Magazine will be split into overarching genre sections. That way you can go straight for your favorite genre if you want! Knowing that, I must ask this: what is your favorite genre? Why do I ask this? To include more of what YOU want to read of course! So far I have books in the Fantasy, Science Fiction, Western, Suspense, and Urban genres (we will also have a "Clean Manga Section"! So exciting!). If you see your favorite genre in this list, YAY! If not reply to this email with your favorite genre. That way I can search for books that you might enjoy and include them.


I am pleased to say that the Book Cosplay Contest is in full swing over at , but of course we could always use more entrants (You have until July 31, 2021)! ANYONE can participate! Send the best photo of you in your costume or a friend in their costume as well as who you are Cosplaying (Character and Book) to . Make sure that use an email address that you check because the winner of the "Book Cosplay Contest" will win a $25 AMAZON GIFT CARD!!!!!

Clean Fiction Magazine will be having a poetry section that will feature single poems as well as poetry books! If you have a poem that you would like to share, we may be able to print it for you!!! You can send your poem or poetry book information to or visit and submit your poem/poetry book under the "Submissions" tab. I will respond with an email detailing whether or not we will print it in our Poetry Section. Be warned: we have limited space in the November 2021 issue so make sure you don't wait!

Hoping all of you wonderful "Clean Fiction" readers out there have a great day!





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