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As we are drawing closer to the submission deadline for the November 20th Winter Edition (September 30th), I thought that all of you might be wondering what I was doing with submissions that are still “To Be Read”. Though this list of books “To Be Read” only exists in the digital space, I have decided to call it a “Pile” anyway. Every time I look at “The TBR Pile” for “Clean Fiction” I get excited. So many interesting books in so many genres just waiting for me to open them! I was saddened by the fact that I could not possibly read them all and review them before deadline because I am really exited to share these books with readers! Then the thought crossed my mind...Why wait? Part of me was still slightly apprehensive to place books in the magazine that I had not yet read, but I decided that it was not enough of an impediment to keep me from doing it.

So, what am I doing with “The TBR Pile”? I will be trusting those who submitted their books and sharing ALL of them in listings that will be scattered throughout the magazine. There will be a warning at the beginning of the publication to read these books at your own risk, but honestly after reading all of the book blurbs I do not think that readers will have any problems. Some of these books were so well reviewed that I even gave them small features. As I said before, I cannot wait to share all of these great books/authors with you!

Our Community Activity for this week is:


This is a LAST CALL for book submissions that will appear in the November 20th Winter Edition of Clean Fiction Magazine. Visit and click the "Submissions" link. This is also a LAST CALL for Fan Art Contest submissions. Visit the website and click the "Contest" link for more information.


Do you think that your book cover is the best? Let the public decide! The "Clean Fiction" Cover Art Contest will be a sprint not a jog. Starting October 1st, you have until October 9th to email me your cover at Please include your name, cover designer, and genre. This contest will not go live on the website until October 1st, but you can start sending those book covers NOW! Do I have to be a cover designer to enter? No. Can I be a cover designer to enter? Yes. Now GO! Email me your pretties! Voting will begin promptly on October 10th and run through October 16th. May the best book cover win!

Hoping all of you wonderful "Clean Fiction" readers out there have a great day!





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