The End is in Sight

The end is in sight and it is going to be a race to the finish. Too bad I am terrible at running! Sports metaphors aside, I am going through the page layout process at warp speed at the moment. It seems that one thing after another is trying to get in my way only to move at the last moment as I continue my momentum forward. As long as the Lord keeps opening the doors, I will keep moving through them.

Our Community Activities for this week are:


- Vote for your favorite Book Fan Art in the FAN ART CONTEST.

- Submit your Book Cover for the COVER ART CONTEST.

- Submit your book's information to be included in a "The TBR Pile" listing.

- Preorder an Ebook version of Clean Fiction Magazine's Winter Edition. (Yes, I know that it is still 0.99 on Amazon, but I can't change it until it goes live.)

- Prepare yourself for the awesomeness that is the Clean Fiction Paperback Edition coming November 20th (This will cost ONLY $9.99 for a FULL COLOR 100 Page 8.5x11 magazine! I KNOW! It is too much to handle right now, but one must endure).

- Share this awesome information with your friends, neighbors, family, passers-by, know...EVERYONE!


Do you think that your book cover is the best? Let the public decide! The "Clean Fiction" Cover Art Contest will be a sprint not a jog. Starting October 1st, you have until October 9th to email me your cover at Please include your name, cover designer, and genre. This contest will not go live on the website until October 1st, but you can start sending those book covers NOW! Do I have to be a cover designer to enter? No. Can I be a cover designer to enter? Yes. Now GO! Email me your pretties! Voting will begin promptly on October 10th and run through October 16th. May the best book cover win!

Hoping all of you wonderful "Clean Fiction" readers out there have a great day!





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