My First Rejection Letter

I wrote my first rejection letter today. "Who am I to write a rejection letter?" least that is how I felt. It is not that I haven't rejected books for review, I have, but this is the first time that the author knew that I was reading the book. Never before have I had to give a negative response to a fellow creative who was also a brother/sister in Christ. I was as gentle as I could have been. I can always find something good in a person's writing and this was no exception, but it still hurts a bit. Telling someone an uncomfortable truth is hard for me, and having to eliminate this particular book was disheartening. They are a fellow believer with dreams and drives similar to my own. I am confident that there was a purpose for this exercise of faith and I will keep moving forward as the Lord wills.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all of the encouraging words I have been receiving from the Clean Fiction Community. It is in low times like this that I take heart in those words and they fuel me to continue to prevail. You are a blessing to me, and I hope to be a blessing to you.

Our Community Activities for this week are:


- Vote for your favorite Book Fan Art in the FAN ART CONTEST (Ends October 16th).

- Vote for your favorite Cover Art in the COVER ART CONTEST (Ends October 16th).

- Submit your book's information to be included in a "The TBR Pile" listing (Deadline is October 22 for the November Edition).

- Share the above social square with your friends, neighbors, family, passers-by, know...EVERYONE!

- Preorder an Ebook version of Clean Fiction Magazine's Winter Edition. (Yes, I know that it is still 0.99 on Amazon, but I can't change it until it goes live.)

- Prepare yourself for the awesomeness that is the Clean Fiction Paperback Edition coming November 20th (This will cost ONLY $9.99 for a FULL COLOR 100 Page 8.5x11 magazine! I KNOW! It is too much to handle right now, but one must endure).

Hoping all of you wonderful "Clean Fiction" readers out there have a great day!





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