Ice and Fate Duology

This week we are going to get into a completed Duology. Yay! A completed story for once! These were the first books I have read in the Fantasy Fiction genre with an African heroine. I must say that it did not disappoint!

To save a kingdom, she must lose her heart.

Born a princess in a land where the sun never sets, Arynne longs for the freedom to use her inborn magic. When an emissary from the dark side of the world requests an alliance sealed by marriage, Arynne jumps at a chance to escape the rules of her homeland, even if it means marrying a prince she's never met and never seeing the sun again.

The starlit kingdom of Frorheim believes that only a marriage of a Solean Sun Princess to their Star Prince will thwart the return of a feared sorcerer. Arynne meets the qualifications, but the journey is perilous. Even more dangerous to Arynne, however, is her growing attraction to the roguish Frorian soldier, Kajik.

In the throes of true love, Arynne rues her betrothal to the unknown prince. Can she follow her heart knowing that if she forsakes her vow, Frorheim is doomed, and herself along with it?

In my opinion, these books are the complete package. Before I began reading this book, I had read several series and stand alone books by H. L. Burke. I enjoy the author's creative and mindful storytelling as well as her colorful world building. Many of her books would fall into the "Squeaky Clean Fiction" category, but this one is slightly more spicy than what I had come to expect from her. I was not deterred for I had come to trust her "writing judgement" as it were. These books were so good that a second reading was a MUST.


These books do not skimp on the action. Though the first book starts a little slowly, the action picks up quickly enough. If you prefer your books with only a light sprinkling of intensity and fight sequences, these books are not your cupcake. With enough action and intrigue to fill a Marvel movie, these books will not disappoint the adrenaline buff in your life.


I would argue that though these books are rooted firmly in the realm of Fantasy Fiction they could easily be lumped into the Sci Fi genre as well. H. L. Burke constructs a lush and expansive planet in these books that you will traverse with eyes wide with wonder. Her creative interpretation of this world and its rules is as beautiful as it is complex. I enjoyed her descriptions of the planet and wildlife immensely.


There are copious amounts of flirty banter in the first book with nothing much to worry about beyond some awkward situations and fluttery hearts. This grows into a relationship that will fog your glasses if you decide not to look away. There is some serious steam going on in the second book, but only within the bonds of marriage. This is as far as a Clean Fiction can go without being a DB (You must DOUBLE BLINK to clear your eyes from being contaminated.). You have been warned.


I would say that one of the two religious systems of this book is loosely based on Christianity. I know the author to be a Christian and this did not surprise me. Though she took some liberties with "good spirits" so to speak, themes of reaching to God for love and protection are still to be found within the story. If you are looking for a faith journey, I would say that these books do not go that far. God is a good and supportive presence, but not overtly worshiped.


I found these books to be extremely enjoyable. The strong female lead paired with a sensitive male character was a lovely break from convention. With a beautiful world, several mysteries to be solved, and unexpected action around every corner, I believe these books are the full package. I did not guess the ending or any of the story's secrets on the first read-through. As a seasoned reader, I found this refreshing. I recommend you give these page turners a read (preferably not when you intend to get any sleep...I MAY have stayed up until morning finishing these the first time...).

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