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This week's blog is going to be brief due to the fact that I am in "Full Go Mode" right now. You might be thinking to yourself: "But Amy, the publication date is not until November! It is only September!" Let me give you some insight.

Layout takes a lot of time. A LOT OF TIME.

The plan right now is to have a printed full color "pretty" version and an easy reading Ebook version. Both of these have COMPLETELY SEPARATE types of layouts. I am currently organizing a page at a time so that my Visual/Kinesthetic Brain can print out all the pages in black and white to lay them all out on the floor of my house. Excessive? Maybe. But your brain works how it works right? Flow and reading experience is very important to me. I want you to comfortably turn pages while drinking your tea/coffee this Fall. Once the "pretty" version is laid out and finalized. ONLY THEN can I put together the easy reading version. My Super Planner tendencies are panicking (only slightly). I am also waffling over whether I should divide the types of books into sections or mix it up. I am leaning toward hyper organization, but that is not everyone's cup of tea. What do you think? Organized or "Surprise me"?

Our Community Activity for this week is:


Do you think that your book cover is the best? Let the public decide! The "Clean Fiction" Cover Art Contest will be a sprint not a jog. Starting October 1st, you have until October 9th to email me your cover at Please include your name, cover designer, and genre. This contest will not go live on the website until October 1st, but you can start sending those book covers NOW! Do I have to be a cover designer to enter? No. Can I be a cover designer to enter? Yes. Now GO! Email me your pretties! Voting will begin promptly on October 10th and run through October 16th. May the best book cover win!


So far we only have ONE entry for this contest. If we do not get more before next week, the contest will be cancelled. I am not sure what the problem is with this one, but I am asking as a last ditch effort for you to send in an art piece for judging. If we receive no other entries, I will place the ONE piece of Fan Art in the magazine and give her the $25 Amazon Gift Card WITHOUT having a time for voting (what is the point right?).

Submissions Open Through September 30, 2021 at

Hoping all of you wonderful "Clean Fiction" readers out there have a great day!





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