Finding God in Anime

This week is the first time that I am featuring something that I helped to write. When I saw the "call for authors" for this multi-author devotional, I could not contain my excitement! "This writing prompt was written for me!" was the thought that went through my head. Having always existed in a tiny minority in my small hometown, the fact that someone would even think to make a devotional that focused on Anime was pleasantly surprising. Check out the Book Blurb below.

Being a Christian can be tough. Being an otaku can be tough. But being both at once?

Sometimes it seems easier to become Hokage rather than explaining your faith and passions to others. That is why we otaku have united in this devotional: To encourage otaku like you spiritually and through a medium we all cherish.

In this devotional, you will find God in the animes you know and love. Each devotional presents spiritual lessons found in animes ranging from the world-famous Attack on Titan to fan-favorite Haikyu!! to beloved classics like Cowboy Bebop. Each piece will feature a different theme such as:

  • Human Will vs. The Holy Spirit in Yona of the Dawn

  • Choosing to be Free in Free! Swim Club

  • Not by My Might in My Hero Academia

…and many others! We believe that God can be seen throughout His creation—even in places where people might not intend! So pull out your cosplay and snuggle close with your plushies as you join us in Finding God in Anime.

This is not going to be a typical book review for the simple fact that this book is not a purely fiction book. I am not sure where it would officially fall between the sections, but I would classify it as a non-fiction book about Japanese fiction. I agree, a strange classification at best, but that is what I am going to be working with today.


If you are worried that this book may ruin/spoil the story that plays out in these Animes, there is no need to fret. A specific part of the writing prompt was that there could be no spoilers. I am working my way through the book right now and have also found no spoilery content.


On the flip side, I was worried that I might not enjoy/understand some of the devotions due to my lack of widespread Anime viewing. There was not much in the way of Anime available to me growing up and once I was old enough for the web to be filled with options, I had kids. This seriously slowed down my enjoyment of subtitled content due to my inability to multitask while watching. (Laundry and dishes are a never ending battle.) Anywho! I need not have worried. Even though I only knew two of the featured Animes so far, it did not hamper my enjoyment of the devotions or lose me when it came to understanding the author's Biblical point.


No romance so far, but I wouldn't expect any. ; D


This is where this book shines! Taking a group of Animes, many of which are built on pagan beliefs, and finding the TRUTH that God puts in all of us was no small feat. Personally, I believe that even when people do not believe in Christ that does not make them any less God's creation. In some cases traits of their God created self bleed through their pagan beliefs. I suppose that is an odd way to express that thought, but I cannot tell you how many times I have been enjoying a secular piece of literature or movie and seen themes that directly point to the the One True God.


I am proud to be a contributing author of this devotional. I wrote three pieces on how "Sailor Moon" grew my faith and encouraged my walk with the Lord. "Finding God in Anime" is a much needed resource to connect with another generation of Otakus growing up in a Christian community that may not understand or may be hostile to their love of Anime. I would not be the strong Christian I am today without the encouraging influence of Anime and Japanese culture. Though mainstream Asian culture may be lost in idol worship, their focus on putting others before self is something that is very Christian and has always stuck with me. I highly recommend you read this devotional. The other authors are very talented and have done a great job connecting Anime themes with Christian faith.

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