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This week we are diving into a fairy tale series in progress. Though each book has its own ending, it also blends into the next book in the series. I stumbled upon these books while perusing social media and decided to give them a go. In reading them, I was more than a little drawn in and devoured them in one day for each book. I then skipped my way over to Amazon an bought myself the other two books of the series. I have a feeling that A. G. Marshall is going to be another of my go-to authors. Below is the Book Blurb for "Princess of Shadows" which is Book 1 in the series.

She went to sleep a warrior. She woke up a legend.

Lina is no sleeping beauty. She’s been fighting goblins in her dreams for over a century, but now she’s awake in an unfamiliar world. Worse, the goblin army is creeping ever closer to the human realm.

To stop the invasion, Lina needs the enchanted gems locked away in the royal treasury. There’s just one problem: to get them she must pretend she’s a princess and win Prince Alaric’s hand in marriage.

Lina will need all her cunning to pass the tests designed by the prince’s mother while fighting goblins on the sly. Can she hide her battle bruises and convince the court that she is a delicate princess? And can she trust Prince Alaric, who seems determined to discover her secrets?

Princess of Shadows is an imaginative retelling of The Princess and the Pea with elements of Sleeping Beauty. Discover the Fairy Tale Adventure that readers call “fantastically original” and “sharp and exciting.”

If you like clean romance, witty banter, and surprise twists, then you’ll love A.G. Marshall’s action-packed retelling.

Get it today!

I have seen my share of fairy tale retellings, and usually I know what to expect, a rather bland, easy read. A. G. Marshall has taken the fairy tale genre down a completely different path and I could not be more thrilled! Not only do you have a nod to the fairy tale stories you know and love, but you also will find a vibrant and complex world that spans all of the books.


These books start with a bang. The princess main characters are no fainting waifs. There are dark beings, monsters lost to history, magic, battles that need winning, and of course chivalrous princes. The refreshing change in these books is that most of the action revolves around the princesses, not the princes. These strong female characters did not shy from battle! If you are a person you does not like action, these are not your slice of bread.


Though there is not much in the way of large physical distances covered in these books, you as the reader will still get your fair share of adventure. There is a sense of discovery in the world that A. G. Marshall builds that you get to experience along with the characters. This world is rich in lore left to uncover and I cannot wait to find out what comes next. I love it when a series shares the same world and you get to discover different parts of it in each book.


The romance in both of the books that I have read so far is blissfully mild. Mild by no means suggests that the interactions were not poignant. I find love stories feel much more real when they do not move as quickly as they do in the movies...if you know what I mean. The author builds the relationship on a human level before anything else happens. I would not call the relationships "sugary" per-say because the stories are rather intense, but also would not call them "sultry". The relationships hit that perfect balance sweet-spot for me.


There is no belief system in these books as of yet. The author has either chosen not to address belief or will later on in the series. Though I do see some hints that she is building an overarching good vs. evil plot that runs throughout the books.


I love what the author has done with these fairy tale stories. Her creative approach was refreshing and left me excited to read more. With strong female characters and supporting princes, the author builds a world that is a step away from convention while still keeping a "toe in the water" of what is typical for this genre. I would recommend these books for younger adults as well as full blown adults like myself. There is enough maturity for me to enjoy while enough sensitivity of subject for a teen to enjoy safely as well. I cannot wait to read the rest of the books!

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P - Clutch your PEARLS. Grandma may raise an eyebrow, but keep on reading.

G - Will make you GASP. Both eyebrows will be involved in reading this book.

B - This is the full BLUSH people! If you are prone to fainting you will need a fan.

DB - You must DOUBLE BLINK to clear your eyes from being contaminated. None of the books I share here should reach this rating...Thank Goodness!

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