This must be the month of "Self-Promotion"? Do not be alarmed! This is my only novel (at least for now). I am going to pretend that this book was not written by me and give it a review as if I was a reader. A novel concept I know, but I have been a reader MUCH LONGER than I have been a writer we go!

In a land divided by war, one woman’s choice will shift the balance.

In medieval Andona, the day before the summer solstice marks the beginning of Audrianna’s harrowing journey. As the Daemon clans fight for power, she finds herself trapped as a pivotal piece in a deadly game. This decades-long challenge between brothers stretches across the boundary between life and death, and pulls Audrianna to the very center of the conflict. Cast into a world she does not fully understand, she struggles to return to the one person who matters. Amidst Daemon deities with unknown goals, Audrianna shoulders the burden of a people who call her cursed. Born to make an impossible choice, will she be able to find hope and end the suffering of all Andona?

This story is an odd combination of fantasy, romance, and spiritual discovery. It could easily be read as a "fluff" book or as a story with deeper meaning. The author weaves the theme of "personal choice" throughout the book that will leave you pondering your own choices.


You will not make it far into the first chapter before the author starts the story with a BANG! Though this book falls more into the "character development" category, there is definitely enough action to keep a reader interested. If you are one who enjoys multiple fight/battle scenes every few pages, you will not find that here, but the action you will find will have you turning pages to find out what happens next.


The island country where the book takes place is divided by war and religion. Over the course of the story you will travel to almost every corner of the continent. The author's description of the nature of this land is both poetic and lovely. These detailed descriptions also extend to the "land between" known as the "Dreamlight". Though you may not want ALL of the description she gives. Sorry! Anything more would lead to spoilers!


The romance in this book is more of a quintuple instead of a triangle. It follows the more Asian tendency for multiple male characters surrounding one female character. Though the majority of romantic acts are very mild, there are moments where something bad...REALLY about to happen. I do not want to spoil anything so I will say this: I have a rule for no DB (You must DOUBLE BLINK to clear your eyes from being contaminated.) books on this blog. I will leave it at that.


The religion in this book is all over the place. There are 3 complete belief systems going on with their own nuances. Some may find this confusing, but look at how many religions there are in the real world, having 3 is somewhat tame in comparison. The author is a Christian so you will find the Christian worldview represented in the most touching of ways. This is a book that will strengthen your faith by asking the tough questions. (Think Habakkuk)


This is a book that is not easily defined or placed in a set genre. Though I would place this book into the "Christian Fantasy" box if pushed, I believe that it could easily be enjoyed by an unbeliever. The two ways that this book can be read allows a reader to "choose your own adventure" in a way. That is what makes "Dreamlight" so difficult to define because the book is what the reader makes of it. I am aware that this is true of all books, but in this case the author has worked hard to make the story read easily both ways. She (yup that's me!) hopes that you will give this story a chance. You (the reader) will not be disappointed.

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