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I hope that everyone is having a great week and happy Wednesday to you all! I am pleased to say that the Book Cosplay Contest is in full swing, but of course we could always use more entrants (You have until July 31, 2021)! If you feel so inclined, feel free to pop over to for more information.

With that out of the way, I am going to give you an update on the progress of compiling all the wonderful content that I know that you are going to love! I just finished writing up a review on an exciting almost 400 page Sci Fi book that I am SOOOO excited to share. I am also trying to connect with great clean fiction authors to bring you exclusive author interviews. If you enjoy the slight silliness that I include in my book reviews, you will be pleased to know that Clean Fiction Magazine is going to be more of that same light hearted content.

Here is some background about me and why a publication like this is right up my alley. I currently work part time for my family's business (my father's main income for my entire life as well as his father's main income) a local free paper that has been around for...drum roll please...49 years! What has made our paper stand out was the commitment to upholding Christian principles. You will never see advertising for alcohol or cigarettes in the paper nor will you ever see any type of promiscuous advertising either. My grandfather started the paper and was absolutely committed to keeping it clean and supporting local businesses. But where does the silliness and fun come from, you might ask? My grandmother. Her dream for the paper was for it to be light hearted and enjoyable to read. No serious and depressing news here! Her rule on content was (and still is): Does it make you smile? Perfect!

Just like my grandparents and father before me, I want to create a positive and safe space to promote small business (in this case indie authors and small presses) that is clean and pleasant for the reader to enjoy. So with a lifetime of print production experience and with the support of my family, I will hopefully be able to bring you the joy in reading that I have so long experienced. AND NOW... Community Activity Time!!!

Our Community Activity for this week is: Pause for Poetry

Clean Fiction Magazine will be having a poetry section that will feature single poems as well as poetry books! If you have a poem that you would like to share, we may be able to print it for you!!! You can send your poem or poetry book information to and I will respond with an email detailing whether or not we will print it in our Poetry Section. Be warned: we have limited space in the November 2021 issue so make sure you don't wait!

Hoping all of you wonderful "Clean Fiction" readers out there have a great day!





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